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Leading Online Travel Agency of the Year 2022

Travelvago Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian-based travel agency that was founded in 2012. With offices in Thailand, Dubai, and Singapore, the company operates as both a Destination Management Company (DMC) and an Online Travel Agency (OTA), providing a wide range of travel services to individuals, families, and businesses. In recognition of its excellent services, Travelvago Sdn Bhd has won numerous awards, including the Asian Tourism & Hospitality Award 2023 for Top Leading Online Travel Agency. With a team of experienced travel agents, the company ensures that their clients' travel needs are met with personalised attention and care. Their services include flight bookings, hotel reservations, tour packages, travel insurance, and visa application assistance. Jom Travel Local is a brand of Travelvago that focuses on promoting domestic tourism within Malaysia. It offers a range of local tours, attraction tickets, and activities for travellers who want to discover the hidden gems of Malaysia. With Jom Travel Local, travellers can experience the local culture and heritage, taste authentic local cuisine, and explore the natural beauty of Malaysia. Aside from its core services, Travelvago Sdn Bhd is also committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices. The company encourages its clients to choose eco-friendly travel options and support local communities in their travel destinations. With partnerships with major airlines, hotels, and tourism boards, Travelvago Sdn Bhd offers competitive prices and exclusive deals to their clients.

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